What a better way to spend part of your birthday than flying? It doesn’t matter that it was in the back seat, I went flying nonetheless!

On this video I joined student pilot, Luke, and his instructor Taft, flying the Diamond Star DA-40. Luke went off to practice some soft-field takeoffs and landings, unusual attitude recovery, stalls, and emergency/rapid descents.

The flight departed Pitt-Greenville (KPGV) to Flanagan Field (N08) for the soft-field practice, returning to KPGV for a full stop.

It’s always fun to be up in the air flying! If you are doing your flight training, I encourage you to ask your instructor and other students to join them in some of their flight training.

Observing other pilots when you are not busy in the cockpit is extremely valuable! There is a great deal of details you can learn about your own flying habits when you have this type of opportunity. Take the opportunity if you can!

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/F2dxM_b0uyo